In Early Development

If you would like to see the progress of MatchInAZ and provide feedback to the developer, you may create an account here. Profiles created will not be kept for the official release.

MATCH IN AZ is the Arizona-focused dating service that will help you find your special partner! Come visit us and see what we can do for you!


Why MATCH IN AZ? We use authentication to prevent swarms of bots from taking over. Without authentication, only the authentication page can be accessed.
All of the "must-have" features are present here.


MATCH IN AZ is still in very early development. The user experience will become far more streamlined, new features will be added, and bugs will be worked out.

Here are some things that will be implemented:

- $5 monthly subscriptionsunlocking new filtering options.

- $10 monthly subscriptions offering the previous bonuses, plus a notification that displays if a message has been read.


Here are our current features:

- Email verification to cut down on bot accounts
- User profile filtering
- Social media style posting
- Messaging
- Contacts (adding a contact allows users to see each others' posts)
- Easy account editing

The user interface updates frequently. These images are likely to be outdated, and will update semi-regularly.

User Search & Filter

Users Search


Messaging Page

Profile Pages

User Profile Page

Other User Profile Pages

Other User Profile Pages